Safety Instructions

  • The designated Captain is responsible for the enforcement of these Instructions

General Information

  • Keep an all-round lookout for approaching dangers, especially behind
  • Rocks and shallows are marked by either a line or circle of red buoys
  • Red buoys near the shoreline mean it is shallow between the red buoys and shore
  • Staff will help you on and off your boat – please wait for their assistance
  • Windermere Quays reserves the right to refuse hire of vessels at our sole discretion and without explanation.


  • Stay outside all the red buoys, and a minimum of 100ft (30 metres) AWAY from the all of the islands and shores
  • Remain seated at all times and spread the seating positions to keep the boat level
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the boat at all times to avoid injury especially when leaving and returning to the jetties
  • On return, wait for a member of staff to become available to assist you to berth. They will use clear hand signals to help you and if necessary, you can use REVERSING action as a brake
  • Treat with extreme caution the Car Ferry which is approximately one mile south of our Marina, do NOT try to pass in front of it and stay at least 50ft (15 metres) AWAY at all times


  • Swim from the boat
  • Climb out of the seated area of the boat onto the deck
  • Tamper with the safety equipment
  • Tamper with the engine or other mechanical equipment
  • Smoke or drink alcohol on the boat
  • Throw items from the boat
  • Deliberately rock or use the boat to make it unstable
  • Allow anyone under 16 years to drive the boat


  • If Head on with another vessel pass it to the RIGHT, the opposite to the British highway
  • Give way to Sailing Boats by turning to go BEHIND them if your paths come together
  • Stay OUT of the way of large passenger vessels, do NOT try to pass in front, they’re travelling must faster than you, turn to pass behind


  • Please ensure you remove all personal belongings
  • Please remove any rubbish and dispose in the bins provided

These Safety Instructions form part of the Boat Hire Permit, failure to adhere to them will lead to the loss of deposit.